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The Green School’s Committee in Terenure College includes students from 1st to 5th year. The committee aims to encourage energy sustainable activities throughout the school from all students and staff.

This year we earned our 1st Green flag for litter and waste management. To earn this flag, our waste output over the last two years was monitored closely to see if there were reductions in waste going to landfill. Litter blackspots within the school were identified and students were surveyed on their habits regarding waste disposal.

The committee coordinated their fellow students to undertake a number of activities to ensure that we achieved our overall waste output.. Every year, we have multiple “Green Days”. Last year, we carried out waste collection days in Bushy Park and other litter black spots around the school. Within the school grounds the committee has highlighted proper waste disposal and created signage to show the proper disposal of waste, especially in hubs such as the canteen area.

The work of the committee is on-going and they have consistently delivered the message that small acts by everyone make a big difference to the school environment and, in turn, the wider community. The Green School’s Committee’s next challenge will be earning the Green Flag for Energy Management!


This year Terenure College participated in the Terenure Energy Project, supported by the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland’s (SEAI) Better Energy Communities (BEC) Programme, assisting innovative communities to develop energy action plans to increase energy efficiency, reduce carbon emissions and develop a sustainable energy system, for the economic and social benefit of the local community. The College was part of eight community and business buildings and twenty houses which received grants towards energy efficiency upgrades. The Terenure BEC Programme is supported and administered by Energy Wise Construction Ltd.

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The College is now producing and using its own sustainable/renewable electricity from two photovoltaic (PV) systems installed on the Swimming Pool and Junior School roofs a total of 22 kW’s (PV) in two 11kW systems. Each system comprises 44 x 250w PV panels and an inverter to convert DC electricity to AC electricity. The two systems are expected to produce 21,000 to 25,000 kWh’s of electricity this year and last for 25 years. A major upgrade to the lighting was also undertaken with over 480 light fittings and lamps being replaced with high efficiency LED lighting. Lighting upgrades were installed across 1st to 6th year classrooms, corridors and other areas in the college. The new LED lighting provides better light, lower maintenance and significant cost saving with electricity use reduced by 60% -65%. The 1980’s building had sixty nine single glazed windows and doors replaced with new energy efficient A rated, argon gas filled double glazed windows and doors which will reduce heat loss and provide improved thermal stability and comfort levels in the classrooms and corridors.

Terenure College has started its sustainability journey and the combined energy efficiency upgrades undertaken this year have reduced its energy bills, its fossil fuel dependence and CO2 emissions.

Savings (est.): Energy 85,000 – 93,500 kWh/Yr.
CO2 emissions 28,350 – 31,200 Kg/CO2


There is a long-standing connection between the St. Vincent de Paul and Terenure College. The St .Christopher’s Conference, based in Dublin South West, has operated out of the College for some 50 years. More recently, the St. Rita’s Conference, organised and run by teachers from the school, has worked in the Rialto/Dolphin’s Barn area. 

For many years members of St. Rita’s visited houses and flats in the Dolphin House area. This practice, also, has changed somewhat recently. The long-established idea of giving people a small sum of money every week has altered to giving a larger sum as and when a particular bill arises. Thus, we change with the times.


The Tuesday Trust grew out of a very simple idea in the early 1990s: If there’s 700 boys in the College and they each bring in sixpence (!) a week that would amount to quite a sum at the end of the year. Some said it would never work; some said it would. Anyway, we tried it. The first year – 1992/03 – it brought in close to £10,000. The idea was to give the money out to local or in-house charities. Thus, we helped out Cheeverstown, the Hospice and other local organisations. We also helped some projects that individual boys were working on. Several of teachers were – and still are – involved with the St.Vincent de Paul. Accordingly, in the last number of years we have incorporated the VdP Christmas Collection into the Tuesday Trust. This brings our typical yearly collection to about €15000 – not a bad sum!

The boys in Terenure College would know the Tuesday Trust as TTT. This arose out of a custom that developed of teachers going around every Monday to remind the boys to bring the money in the following day. The phrase Tuesday Trust Tomorrow soon became TTT, the words supplemented by the American Football “Time-out” signal. So it goes …


“If we are to be happy in life and have the fullness of life we need to have an active concern for the welfare of others.”
Terenure College Prospectus

As part of our school ethos, we actively encourage all students to get involved in fundraising activities for both local and international charities. Students have increasingly taken up the lead in organising events and fundraising projects. As well as raising funds we also aim to raise awareness of the Charities and the causes they are involved in. Some of our regularly supported Charities include: St. Vincent de Paul, ‘Darkness into Light’ in aid of Pieta House, Feed our Homeless, Ian Daly’s ‘Swim a Mile with a Smile’ in aid of Barretstown and Crumlin Children’s Hospital, ‘Daffodil’ Day for the Irish Cancer Society, ‘Walk in My Shoes’ Funky Feet Friday for Mental Health Charities and during Lent we always take part in the annual collection for Trocaire.



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