Statement on behalf of the Carmelite Order

following the sentencing of John Mc Clean

 Friday 24th February 2023

John Mc Clean was a serial abuser who wreaked havoc on the lives of the students that he abused in Terenure College.  It was a grave failure that he was not stopped, and for this, we are truly sorry.

Our public apologies seem paltry in the wake of the harrowing accounts of abuse and its devastating consequences that former students have given in their statements to Dublin Circuit Criminal Court.  Once again, we are humbled by the courage shown by victims and survivors in their pursuit of justice. 

The Carmelite Order is committed to supporting all those abused in our schools and other ministry settings.

Anyone who was abused in a Carmelite school or other ministry setting can access support through the Carmelite Safeguarding Office. Counselling and therapy for victims and survivors can be arranged through the Towards Healing service; this can be sourced promptly with minimum waiting times and with no cost to the victims and survivors. 

Through the civil legal process, as far as possible, we swiftly offer financial compensation to minimise further stress to those abused. Several civil legal actions are ongoing.

While financial settlements demonstrate an acknowledgement of our failure to protect children from harm, we recognise that this cannot compensate for the deep pain and suffering that victims of abuse have endured in our schools and other ministry settings.

Some victims and survivors of abuse also benefit from face-to-face meetings; many have met and spoken with our Provincial and DLP for Safeguarding. These conversations are ongoing. 

We cooperate fully with An Garda Síochána in all criminal investigations, providing them access to any information they require.

Robust Safeguarding procedures are in place in Terenure College and all our Communities and Pastoral settings. These are regularly reviewed in line with updates to State and Church Guidance.

We again encourage anyone who has not already come forward for support to consider contacting our Safeguarding Office:

Phone: 087 1947212.

Fr Michael Troy O.Carm
Prior Provincial

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