Pastoral Care Team

“Pastoral Care is essential to the daily life of the school. It involves not only the Pastoral Care team but in various ways all members of Staff. Pastoral Care recognises the individuality of each person in the school community and the special needs that can arise from time to time. Home school links need to be promoted and structured.”

- Terenure College Mission Statement

In addition to Form Masters, the Principal and Deputy Principal, key members of the Pastoral Care Team are:

Mr. Eddie Geraghty - Pastoral Care Co-ordinator
Ms. Mairead Deffely - Chaplain
Fr. James Eivers O.Carm. - Chaplain
Mr. Tom Farrell - Chaplain
Ms. Mary Liz Ryan - Chaplain
Ms. Emer Aherne - Guidance Counsellor
Ms. Fiona MacNally - Matron

The role of the Pastoral Care team is to attempt to address the many and varying needs of the students of the College on an ongoing basis. The Pastoral Care team meets on a weekly basis to assess and respond to the individual needs of any student that has come to their attention. This team is made up of the Principal, Guidance Counsellor, Chaplains and Pastoral Care Co-Ordinator. On a bi annual basis this team is joined by other agencies in the College, e.g. Form Masters, Matron, Resource Dept. etc., concerned with the welfare of students to ensure that their complex and varied needs are being met to the best of our abilities. The Pastoral Care team work closely together and ensure that the information they possess and share is handled sensitively and confidentially. The team work closely with parents and guardians where the situation warrants such communication.

In Terenure College we aim to cherished and nourish the life of every student. We are there in times of exultation and happiness and at times of difficulty and despair. We aim to demonstrate to our students that no matter what the situation in life there is always someone there to assist them and aid them on their journey.