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How to use to our Terenure College School App

How to add funds to your Wallet

How to assign Swipe Card to Student Account


December 2020:

All students have been given two swipe cards for use with  the new school app. Their Form Master has also been given a spare card to hold for them.  

Your son has been given instructions on how to download the Terenure College App on to their phone and how to assign the swipe card they have been given to their account. These instructions will also be available in the notifications section of the App for parents.  

These cards are for use  as part of our cashless system for the School Canteen and will also be used for signing in (Lates) and out of the school (doctor/dental appointments). 

Once your son has assigned his swipe card he can then add funds to his account. This can be done on the students phone in the Terenure College App. Your son selects ‘Canteen’ from the menu then ‘Wallet’ from the menu at the bottom of the screen. Select ‘Add money to wallet’ and select the amount he wishes to add. 

Up until Christmas Break, the Canteen will still accept cash payments. As an introductory offer, when using their swipe card, we shall be offering students their €4.00 lunch meals for €3.50 for the rest of the term. Meals paid for by cash shall cost the usual €4.00
Each of our meals shall include a choice of drink – water, fruit juice or milk plus a choice of fruit.

From the 6th January 2021 we shall be running a cashless only system in the canteen.

Our school app will also be used for school payments, consent forms, permission notes and will be our main form of communication to parents from January 2021 onwards.

October 2020:

We are delighted to announce that our new School App is now available to download.

The new App will be the main vehicle for communication going forward. From the experience of parents, staff and students in other schools, the School App has proven to be very useful and very convenient.
For example, the School App will become the means of communicating with the Form Masters in relation to absences, lates, notes etc. It will also be used for permission forms for taking part in school activities. General communications from the school to parents will be disseminated through the School App. It will also be used in relation to information that is particular to individual Year Groups or other groups within the school, such as sports teams, MUN, Drama etc.
In addition to communication, the School App will also be used for various payments in the school, for example buying lunch in the Canteens. We will provide you and the students with more information on how this will work.
The first thing that we need you to do is to download the School App.  We ask that you follow one of the links below to download the School App or alternatively you can go to your app or play store and search Terenure College. We have also included some links to help videos to help you download and navigate the App.
School App Apple
School App Android 
Help Videos

https://vimeo.com/367960728/1f9fbda5ae - Registering for the app
https://vimeo.com/365888625/47de1e0fd7 - Welcome to the app

We trust that our new School App will prove a convenient and efficient means of communication and as time goes by we will develop it further.
Should you have any difficulties downloading the App please contact the support team on support@uniqueschools.ie