Terenure College Senior School Drama encourages students to experience all aspects of the world of theatre.

The key elements of the Drama calendar are:

The ‘College Play’

Each year, before Christmas, students from 4th, 5th and 6th Year put on a performance of a renowned classic. Budding thespians’ skills are honed as they prepare for key roles, such as Hamlet or Christy Mahon. Some students like to be involved in a small way and over the years many have had fun playing all manner of porters, soldiers and servants, often unlocking a love a talent for acting that they never knew they had. Others prefer to work backstage and students interested in the production side are afforded the opportunity to explore the world of light and sound.


The "Junior Play"

In the first term, 1st, 2nd and 3rd Year students also prepare a musical and/or comedy performance. Students can get involved in acting, production, music or in backstage duties. Many future stars of stage began their illustrious careers here.


Transition Year Drama Competition

Each spring the College enters a Transition Year Drama Competition. An original drama piece is written, produced and directed by a group of 5th years. This is then performed by Transition Year students both in the College and at the competition venue.