Academic Support

Academic Deans 

The Academic Deans for First, Second, Third and Fifth Year identifies those students who are working below their assessed standard and chooses a target group from among these students to work with. The Academic Dean works with each pupil in a study coach or mentor role.

While the target group consists of those students at the mid range of ability, it is not precluded that the Academic Deans work with students at the high or low range of abilities. (It should be noted that SEN Teachers will normally work with SEN pupils.) 

The identified group of students can change over the course of the year as their need for an Academic Dean reduces, or as other pupils are identified. 

Throughout the year Academic Deans will liaise with relevant Form Masters and with parents and teachers as required. They will provide study skills sessions for each year group and provide a short report for each student to the Form Master and Principal at the end of the year.


Study Coaching 

Each Sixth Year pupil is assigned an individual study coach with whom they will have five one to one formal meetings during the year:

September: analysis of 5th year, summer results, study inventory and setting targets
November: Mid-term review – discussing pupils’ October Score
January: Christmas Exam analysis
March: mock exam analysis
May: final preparation for Leaving Certificate

Study coaches will initially lead pupils through a process of Goal Setting. Together they will identify the performance level pupils will need to achieve in the Leaving Cert which will provide them with a good chance of achieving their career and college goals. 

They will encourage their pupils to perform a Reality Check, so that pupils become aware of their performance levels as it really is. This will include identifying what worked well in their fifth year summer exams and the reasons for this. Pupils will also identify what didn’t go well and the steps they can take to change this. 

Together, pupils and coaches will explore various Options – the possible ways in which pupils can move from their present reality to their goals. This will also involve the completion of a time inventory.  

Finally, pupils will be asked to decide What Will You Do? Concrete decisions must be taken and an action plan decided upon. Potential obstacles can be identified and methods of overcoming them discussed and additional support provided. 

Through this process pupils are lead to GROW to success.

The study coaches are Leaving Certificate teachers appointed annually, with no more than 10 teachers.

6th Year September Scores

In September each 6th Year student meets with his study coach to review their 5th Year Summer Exam results. Following on from this and at the start of October, the Study Coach will establish the student’s overall work rate by ranking under three headings:

Application in Class, and

Subject Teachers were asked to mark from 5 for ‘excellent’ to zero for ‘very poor’ under each heading. The maximum therefore is 15 marks per subject. The September Score is then calculated and presented as a percentage.

The September Score is not an indicator of a student’s ability or achievement. It is an indicator of a student’s work and application. It should be 100% if they are serious about achieving good results in the Leaving Certificate. We are convinced, and our statistics over the past years prove, that the September Score is indicative of success in the June exams. 


Homework Credit System 

The Homework Credit System operates in 3rd and 4th Year and it’s purpose is:
To monitor student work rate in terms of Homework;
To provide information to Parents, Form Masters and other Staff on a regular/ weekly basis;
To offer an incentive to Students to work hard.

The Homework Credit System runs concurrent with the other rewards and sanction listed in the Code of Behaviour (e.g. Special Commendations and Formal Reprimands), rather than replacing them. 

Academic Reports

Christmas Exams:    All Years receive a Report 
Easter Exams:        3rd and 6th Year Reports
Summer Exams:    1st, 2nd, 4th and 5th Year Reports

Progress Reports:    These are based on students classroom work and are issued twice a year to 1st and 5th Year students


Supervised Study

Supervised Study is offered to 3rd, 5th and 6th Year Students. Students may choose between two time periods:

Day Study: 4:15 – 6:15. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday. Night Study: 7:00 – 9:00. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday 4:15 – 6:15. 

An Evening Meal Service is also available to students on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays.