Homework Credits Policy

The purpose of the Homework Credit System is:

•To monitor student work rate in terms of Homework;

•To provide information to Parents, Form Masters and other Staff on a regular/ weekly basis;

•To offer an incentive to Students to work hard.


The Homework Credit System runs concurrent with the other rewards and sanction listed in the Code of Behaviour (e.g. Special Commendations and Formal Reprimands), rather than replacing them. 

The Homework Credit System operates in 3rd and 4th Years.


Credit System Guidelines:

1. 10 credits should be deducted for each piece of homework not presented.

2. 5 credits should be deducted for incomplete or poorly completed homework.

3. The Formal Reprimand system should be used for any student who repeatedly fails to present homework.

4. Credits can be assigned for extra work agreed with the teacher in advance or if a teacher considers a piece of work to be an exceptional high standard. 

5. Normally the amount of this extra work would equate to one night’s homework.  10 Credits would be assigned for this amount of work if satisfactorily completed and presented. 

6. A student may not ask for extra credit work from a teacher unless he is up to date with homework in that Subject.



•Projects can be given in lieu of homework or in addition to homework. 

 •Projects in lieu of homework:  Where a project is given in lieu of homework no extra credits will be awarded unless the work is of an exceptionally high standard.  Credits should be deducted if the project is not presented, up to a maximum of 30 credits.

 •Projects in addition to homework: These projects will be agreed by the Faculty and will be available to all students in the Year.  The Faculty will decide whether the project is mandatory or optional, and the amount of credits that will be awarded for the satisfactory completion of the project, up to a maximum of 30 credits.  (The English Faculty may decide that a higher number of credits will be awarded for the the Transition Year Read a Book Project).  For these projects the credits are awarded on the completion of the project.  If a student fails to complete the project, he fails to receive the credits rather than credits being deducted.


Teachers are urged to deduct or add credits as promptly as possible.  The Homework Credit system is for homework only.  Homework Credits should not be deducted for forgetting books or other misdemeanours nor awarded for other good behaviour.  Such positive or negative behaviour should be dealt with in accordance with the Code of Behaviour.

The weekly changes to the Homework Credit scores are emailed to parents and posted on the relevant notice board each week.

The Form Master will monitor the System and impose sanctions and rewards as deemed appropriate.