College Regulations & Guidelines

Academic Work:

In keeping with the strong academic tradition of the College a high standard of classwork and study in all subjects is required from every student. Good study habits and skills need to be developed from First Year. The College Authorities recommend and expect 1½ hours, homework and study, per night for First Years rising to 3 hours minimum for Leaving Certificate students.

Homework is set each night and parents are asked to ensure that their son(s) record and complete all of each day’s homework. Each pupil must have the Terenure College Homework Journal which is available for purchase from the College Book Room.

While advice on choosing subjects for the Senior Cycle will be given by the Guidance Counsellor, the level (pass or honours) to be taken will depend on the reports of the Faculty Secretaries and subject teachers, based on each student’s performance in the College Examinations in Third Year and Transition Year.

The College disapproves of students taking on jobs during term-time. These jobs have a negative affect upon a student’s ability to concentrate on schoolwork and his full participation in College life.

It is very important at this stage of his life that a student has a clear focus on being a schoolboy in Terenure College. The more involved he is the easier it will be for him to focus on school and schoolwork. Most importantly of all each student needs to adopt an attitude of being ready to start from the moment he returns. Class work, homework and study must begin in a serious way from the very beginning of the school year. The boys must also be ready to take a full and active part in the life of the College.


The highest standard of courtesy and good manners is expected from all students. Students must comply in full with the College’s Code of Behaviour. The College Authorities cannot and will not tolerate provocative insubordination from students. If a student is deliberately provocative to teachers the student will go home from the College, once a phone call has been made. The College Authorities reserve the right to resign the charge of any student who consistently fails to co-operate with any teacher.


Absences from school must be explained in writing by a Parent/Guardian to the Form Master. Please complete Absence Notes that are in the back of the College Diary. In addition to this parents of Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Year students are requested to ring the College between 8.45 a.m. and 9.25 a.m. on the day of their son’s absences, informing the College of the absence. No student may leave the school during class times without permission of their Form Master, Principal, Deputy Principal or Matron. No student has permission to leave the College grounds during the morning break.

Extra Curricular Activities:

Participation in games and other extra-curricular activities plays a very important part in the life and development of boys here. It is strongly recommended, and indeed expected, that all students take a full and active part in the life of the College according to the different gifts and talents, which they have received. We believe that for a boy to be happy, healthy and successful in the College he should become totally involved in every aspect of College life. It is, after all, his school.


It is School Policy to have a standard uniform, which is obligatory at all times. 

Students are required to leave their house in the morning dressed in the full school uniform. Leisurewear, e.g. runners, sweatshirts, tracksuit tops etc., are not part of the uniform and therefore must only be worn during P.E., sports practice etc. Earrings, studs, etc. are not to be worn or brought into school.

It is important to stress that your son be properly presented for school in terms of:

•    his hair being of natural colour, above the shirt collar and eyebrows and no shorter than a blade two.
•    being clean shaven;
•    being neat and tidy.

The uniform is as follows:

1st to 4th Years

Grey trousers
Grey College V Neck Jumper (Crested)
White Shirt, College Tie
Black or Brown Shoes
College Jacket (Obligatory for 1st, 2nd and 3rd Years) 
For PE: Crested College Sportswear   

5th to 6th Years

Black Trousers
Black College V Neck Jumper (Crested)
White Shirt, College Tie
Black or Brown Shoes
For PE: Crested College PE Top and Black Tracksuit Bottoms

A Terenure College School Jacket is compulsory for 1st to 3rd Year students.

Please note that Black Runners, Plimsolls/Canvas Shoes etc. are not acceptable as school shoes. White or beige etc. are also not acceptable.

The School Authorities are the judges of acceptable standards of dress and presentation.

Health and Safety:

The Form Master and Matron should be informed in writing of any boy’s illness or physical ailment which might affect his performance in class or should be noted by those taking extra-curricular activities. Tetanus Toxide injection is advised for all students.

Smoking (or the use of e-cigarettes) in any part of the school including the School Grounds is prohibited. It is a serious offence, which warrants serious sanctions.

Parents are asked to see that students with bicycles have helmets and wear them.

Serious concerns have been expressed about “Blade Studs” that are a feature of some football boots. Please ensure that the studs on boots are safe for rugby. Traditional studs are required.

Students who are not qualified drivers may not drive into the school grounds. Students who do drive into school must park in the School Yard. The College Authorities reserve the right to withdraw a student’s permission to bring a car or moped into the College grounds.

Mobile Phones:

Students are not permitted to have mobile phones with them at any stage during the school day, including morning break or lunchtime. Mobile phones must be left in the lockers between 8.45 a.m. and 3.45 p.m. The sanction for breach of this rule is confiscation for a two-week period.


The College Management accepts no responsibility for the loss or damage to student’s property. Names on books or clothing should be clearly marked. It is inadvisable to bring into school valuable and sentimental items.  

Chewing Gum is forbidden in all areas of the College.


First, Second, Third and Fourth Years are not permitted to leave school at lunchtime. Fifth and Sixth Years are generally allowed out at lunchtime. If parents (of students in these years) do not want their son to leave the College Grounds at lunchtime they are asked to state this in writing, otherwise parental consent is presumed.

Leaving school at lunchtime can be a cause for concern. It is impractical for the College to monitor students’ behaviour when outside the school grounds at lunchtime. The responsibility for the behaviour of the students therefore falls upon the individual student and his parents. 

With this in mind, parents are asked to remind their son(s) about the need for good citizenship if out and about at lunchtime, particularly in relation to littering and congregating in a manner that may block thoroughfares. Parents are reminded that permission to leave the College at lunchtime may be withdrawn by the College Authorities.

We would like to advise students that Bushy Park, The Rugby Club and the Lake Area are out of bounds during school time.