Classroom Rules

Classroom Rules

1. Each pupil is expected to present himself for class dressed in full school uniform in accordance with the College Regulations.

2. When a teacher enters a classroom, each pupil is expected to stand up.

3. Except when changing rooms each pupil must remain seated between classes with his books, copies and appropriate materials ready for the next class. No pupil should enter any other classroom without permission.

4. Permission to leave the classroom for any reason, including visits to Matron, checking teams, etc., must be obtained from the teacher who is coming into the class.

5. Each pupil must record all homework and have both learning and written homework completed to the highest standard on the due date.

6. Each pupil is responsible for the neatness of his own chair and surrounding area. Collectively students should take a sense of pride in their classroom. Chewing gum, Tipp-ex and popcorn are forbidden in all areas of the College.

7. Interfering with, damaging or stealing property of any other pupil will be regarded as a very serious offence. Each pupil must bring his bag and coat with him to all classes.

8. Students are not permitted to have mobile phones with them at any stage during the school day, including morning break or lunchtime. Mobile phones must be left in the lockers between 8.45 a.m. and 3.45 p.m.

9. Pupils have access to the lockers prior to 8.45 a.m., prior to 2.00 p.m. and at the end of the school day. They must restrict visits to the lockers to these times.

10. Food/Drink may not be consumed in the Classroom.