Class Outings Policy

School outings are arranged both as an extension to classroom work and as a recreational and cultural activity.  In many subject areas field activities are an integral part of the teaching programme.  Because of the nature of such activities pupils have more freedom but are also required to exercise more responsibility. They are considered an important part of a pupil’s personal and social development.  Such occasions honour a sense of responsibility and self-discipline.  As well as having an educational value they can also afford a great deal of enjoyment to the participants.  Positive participation should be encouraged and evaluated.

These concerns and the principles underlying any school outing are embodied in a set of rules and sanctions set out below which should be supportive of teachers while clarifying for pupils what is expected of them in such circumstances.  The rules would be observed to the advantage of all.

1. School outing is an extension of school activity and as such is subject to the same rules and regulations.

2. The normal format is:        

(i)   a programme is set,
(ii)  objectives stated, and
(iii) directives given.

3. Positive participation is demanded and structures set to monitor it.

4. College uniform - unless otherwise stated.

5. A sense of responsibility and concern for others is expected.

6. No one to move away from the teachers.

7. Enter no area (shops etc.) without the express permission of a teacher.

8. Good conduct on buses and in all public places is expected and any behaviour which upsets others in the group and puts them at risk may also provide problems or make things unpleasant for members of the public.

9. A very serious view will be taken of any incident or situation in which a teacher has to intervene.

10. Suspension is the minimum sanction for any breach of discipline on such occasions.

11. No smoking or drinking permitted.